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ArtFair Cologne’s Opening Message

ArtFair Cologne celebrated its 10th anniversary with a short and positive inauguration. With a touch of spontaneity and modest simplicity, the press conference felt like a family gathering. Mr. Gehlen welcomed everyone with a big thanks, followed by the highlight of this years ArtFair. Majorcan artist Francesca Martí, for instance, is beyond doubt a highlight this year. With a space for her work that is bigger than this year´s BLOOOM, Martí has created a tasteful art experience for the visitors. Mr. Lohaus on the other hand praised the Ruhrgebiet for it´s art-friendly reputation and history. Both thanked the press for being always supportive. After just fifteen minutes, it ended in applause. Short and sweet, like I said. And so began the 10th ArtFair Köln!

It was 2pm in the afternoon when the VIP preview began, slow, yet steady our booth was approached by many interested fans some new faces some good old friends and collectors. Compliments ranged from: “This is art!” (referring to the interactive and shocking effect of Raf Veulemans’ and Miraschi’s art) to “Your booth is the most different and beautiful.” I’m not going to lie, there are quite a few aesthetically pleasing stands out there, so to be greeted like such is really touching. We thank David Hochbaum, Daniel van Nes and the duo Raf Veulemans and Miraschi as well as Mimi S. for creating the inner space of our booth and make it come to life. To show the ArtFair visitors art can be something else; to show that art is passion, shock, precision and dedication to what truly inspires the artist. Strychnin is not only glad to be part of this years ArtFair, but proud to stand it’s ground and stay true to who we are! Here are some images of the opening day, enjoy!