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I believe in Unity!

In 2021 we will be opening the 375sqm 360 degree mural by HowNosm in Berlin at the epic Humboldt Forum. This is the conclusion and completion of a two year journey for myself and…

HOWNOSM / Press Conference in Berlin at the Humboldt Forum

HOWNOSM / Press Conference in Berlin at the Humboldt Forum

First look at the Press Conference in Berlin at the Humboldt Forum for my curation of the entry hall with HowNosm. 250 years of the history the Humboldt Brothers and the world the…


The One Wall Project by Hera, Akut and Nuno Viegas

The Berlin district of Reinickendorf, respectively the Art Park Tegel, was once again a hotspot for urban art lovers in July. For more than two weeks, the renowned street art arti…

The Shift of Contemporary Art x TEDxHHL

The Shift of Contemporary Art x TEDxHHL

How can contemporary art be better recognized? Yasha Young speaks about her story with urban contemporary art. She speaks about how important access and network is to get recogniz…


Other things while you get excited for Friday !!!

I am very excite for tomorrow night’s special exhibition here in NYC feature some of our very good friends and artists such as Adam Dare and Army of One !! If you are reading this…


ArtFair Cologne’s Opening Message

ArtFair Cologne celebrated its 10th anniversary with a short and positive inauguration. With a touch of spontaneity and modest simplicity, the press conference felt like a family …


Sandra Chevrier Opening

It was a beautiful night with a sell out show and amazing event surrounding the Vernissage. Although a cold and rainy night people made it out to come celebrate Sandra Chevrier’s …


Spreading the word!

This is just a quick post to all those who have been kindly sharing and making ‘Project M’ more than something local. Thank you to all those individual supporters, as well as blog…


Art Art and than some

Brilliant time in UK! Successful meeting in London with some of the great and best people we know – Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Pete Hawkins all hung out with us at BRUTAL one of …


Mimi S.

Great to see one of ours to rise and get out there – after her time in NY I just went to FRIEZE and her work can be seen all over town – especially Hackney / Soho and Bricklane – …


Digital Poem in Brussels

A fantastic idea by Henri Simons to keep the Atomium in Brussels alive and a place of innovation – in 1958 at the 10th world fair this model ofthe metal atom was home to the world…


Project M loves ELLE

We are heading into busy season and support “PROJECT M” that’s happening in BERLIN next week – studio visit at talented Miss ELLE in her Berlin space !!! We cannot wait


Things in between – Secret studio visiting with Raemann

​A surprise studio visit yesterday introduced me to an awesome, awesome project. I had seen them around- never sure what this was- an ad or a project or what, so after a lot of re…


A Photo shoot with a Giant Star!

​Lydia Dekker finally arrived from the Netherlands to the gallery yesterday! It was a tiresome trip, however she was a good-sport, full of energy and ready for the planned photo-s…


San Diego Comic Con

While everything is on full swing in Berlin I am working away at comic on preparing our big comic book show next year with #topcow and #marcsilvestri at the new museum – I am not …


Seymour shows in hometown, Wellington!

After working and showing for an extensive period in Europe and the US Seymour is back sculpting, drawing, and creating on Australian soil. In conjunction with Wellingtons master …


This is England !!

​I couldn’t be more proud or excited for Mimi S. and David Hochbaum !! After collaborating with Lazarides gallery London UK – who you may know as Banksy’s startup gallery – I fina…


“Berenice”: A love for Teeth

First publlished in the Southern Literary Messenger in 1835, Berenice is one of Poe’s most violent horror stories, yet, unlike his contemporary gothic fiction writers, Poe only im…


“Poe of the Day”: Blackwood Article

Normally paired with it’s prequel, The Predicament, it tells the story of the doomed Signora Psyche Zenobia. This nifty and strong-willed character, fitted in a crimson satin dres…


Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes!

“A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.” – Richard Bach


NYC Bowery walls

It’s always good to meet the new ambassadors of the UN urban nation project Berlin – what a treat to hang out with Martha Cooper and Maya Hayuk as she works on the beautiful Bower…


A Joe Fenton Sneak Peek

Here are a few more work in progress pics of the second piece that Joe Fenton is working on for our ‘Attention Earth’ show in February 2013. Take a look at this video of Joe worki…


An evening with BKS!!

How lovely to be able to spend time with friends and artists in a venue as the stunning and innovative as the Brooklyn Museum – Jaime and Steve called and everyone came. Luna Park…


UN Urban Nation – Let’s go

​This job has been proven to be a huge challenge but as we know these come with rewards and one of them is happening as we speak- David Hochbaum and James Bullough from JBAK – hav…



My new job takes me back to mad friends and I am currently spreading the word in NYC that Berlin will have a new home for artists to work from and with – the responses to the proj…


Christian Rothenhagen in Re|view

The unique platform Re|view “for anything and anyone” has interviewed Christian Rothenhagen as a feature for their latest edition. Rothenhagen talks about his muse, Berlin, his op…